i'm working on our schema, and i've got a question...
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i'm working on our schema, and i've got a question about the notion of an "admin" user over some set of objects in the system. we had previously happened on [this documentation](https://authzed.com/docs/guides/schema#defining-the-organization-type) which suggests how to set up a notion of an object being owned by an organization, but am i correct in that it'd be most appropriate for a system like Github where you have multiple organizations? we've been using the pattern but with only a single organization entity, and the upshot of it is that we need to connect all objects in our system to our single organization entity, but in my head that seems redundant because if every object is connected to the same organization then that relation doesn't hold any information. would it end up being something where you're defining an adminish permission on the user or role, which is then used to say "either the user has to have a specific permission on this object or they have to have a general permission over all objects?"