# spicedb


03/02/2023, 11:55 AM
Hello, I have a question about a behavior I observed in regards to schema update: I am running a local/docker with latest 1.16.2 and I do the fallowing steps: Write a schema, Insert tuples, db truncate schema table namespace_config, Write a new Schema, restart the docker. It takes ~1 minute for SpiceDb to give me correct permissions/check results, and from that point I can restart the docker again and will work instantly. I assume relation_tuple created_xid != namespace_config created_xid. Can I update the relation_tuple with same created_xid of the namespace_config or what is the corelation that makes this behaviour ? The reason why I want to clean the namespace_config is to not have multiple instances of Schema in db and not know which one is the latest. Or if you know of a way to Update the schema with replace/drop the old one or any Clean old schema method please let me know. Thank you.