Hi SpiceDB experts đź‘‹ I've been following this is...
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Hi SpiceDB experts đź‘‹ I've been following this issue https://github.com/authzed/spicedb/issues/282 related to adding TTL on relationships. It seems that with the caveats, we can implement a TTL logic. I was wondering though: will the relationships remain in DB? Or is there some GC happening somehow? I'm wondering because we have use case where a big portion of our relationships might have a TTL (session based relationships).
that's right, the relationships will stay in the database. What @Joey is proposing is to implement a GC collector for relationships that meet the TTL
so yeah, today they'll stick around but we have some ideas on how to auto-GC them, while still using caveats potentially
we might also reconsider making expiry a top-level item IF we can leverage datastore expiration itself
but that remains an open question
Interesting okay. I guess making expiry a top-level item might be challenging with datastores like Postgres
Any issues open for that so we can follow any progress on it?
we should probably have one, yeah
mind opening it?
something like "GC of relationships expired via caveats" or somesuch
Of course đź‘Ť