While using the "serve-testing" in spiceDB (test c...
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While using the "serve-testing" in spiceDB (test containers), i found that there are no debug logs emitted from the service. I can see the debug logs in the normal spiceDB "serve" mode. Is there any specific flag/option to make spiceDB in serve testing mode to emit debug logs? Thanks!
👋🏻 Hi, I wasn't able to reproduce this. I started
SPICEDB_LOG_LEVEL=debug spicedb server-testing
and debug log messages showed up. I used SpiceDB 1.19
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2:53PM INF configured logging async=false format=auto log_level=debug provider=zerolog
2:53PM INF configured opentelemetry tracing endpoint= insecure=false provider=none sampleRatio=0.01 service=spicedb v=0
2:53PM INF grpc server started serving addr=:50051 insecure=true network=tcp service=grpc workers=0
2:53PM INF grpc server started serving addr=:50052 insecure=true network=tcp service=readonly-grpc workers=0
2:53PM DBG checking if datastore and dispatcher are ready
2:53PM DBG completed dispatcher and datastore readiness checks datastoreReady=true dispatchReady=true
if there is any request sent, like a check , i dont see that logged
we are using the flag: --log-level as debug in our test containers
ex: logs like this: "{"level":"info","grpc.component":"server","grpc.method":"ReadRelationships","grpc.method_type":"server_stream"," appear on the "serve" mode and they dont appear in serve testing mode. though the logs says they are in debug mode in serve testing: "{"level":"info","format":"auto","log_level":"debug","provider":"zerolog","