I have a question regarding tracing and
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I have a question regarding tracing and the rough level of instrumentation - we seem to be missing detail regarding ~90% of the overal excution time of a trace. Any clue as to what is happening during this time? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/844600078948630559/1178785200952590456/Screenshot_2023-11-27_at_19.49.18.png?ex=65776844&is=6564f344&hm=b14587f31b43c821d43b0f06d6bd5abde5f57f5134ea9e1eff330f9f254cae40&
what version of spicedb are you running? 1.27.0 introduced a bunch of improvements to the emitted trace events
This particular missing execution time is consistent across all traces of this kind
interesting, would you mind filing a github issue? looks like we're dropping some event on the floor
you should be seeing that fan out via dispatch
and that should account for the rest of the time
the span context for the trace must be getting severed inadvertantly
(you should find traces for the same time period for
if you need that info before we fix this)
Of course - I'll link it once I am done
Very rough issue as I am not sure what other details to give - if you want me to add any additional detail let me know
Lookup resources is streaming async
It won’t have the same traces
We’ll have to see if they can be connected